Her First Christmas

Homesickness hath no such fury like being away from home during Christmas.

I think as we get older, materialistic things become nothing more than a mere formality during the holiday season; happiness, family, friends, love and health – all things you can’t put a price on, are increasingly important to each of us. Buying presents is fun, and giving is euphoric, but if I could wrap a box of good health to give away instead, I would choose that, no matter the age of the recipient.

Now, I have been away travelling during Christmas before. In fact, I travelled most years when I started working full-time since we were forced to take 3 weeks leave over the Christmas period and I felt it was such a waste to spend that time in Melbourne. It was something to look forward to since work was depresso, especially coming up to the end of the year where all your clients wanted everything finished for them and your managers became slavedrivers to keep themselves looking good. I digress. I can’t help but ramble when I start talking about my previous job and the demons (and occasional angels) associated with it. Anyway, for some reason, even though I’ve been away from home in previous years during Christmas, I’ve never felt homesick in quite the same way before. Perhaps my current home is more permanent than a hotel/hostel room. Permanency does a lot to your mindset. Perhaps I’ve been away from my friends and family for an elongated period of time now. Perhaps snapchat wasn’t so prominent in the past, where videos and photos of people and places that you can see yourself at but aren’t physically are being sent to you every 5 minutes over 48 hours. Perhaps I’ve never felt so dependant on someone else’s plans before.

Or, perhaps, there is a greater emphasis on Christmas in London. A real Christmas as such, with ice skating rinks and pretty lights and festive sweaters, as opposed to wife beaters, bbq and beaches. And I wish my close ones could be here experiencing this with me too.

It’s the trade-off in deciding to pick up my bags and move across the world by myself (somewhat, and definitely soon to be), I understand it and it will pass. I guess I just thought technology at times like these would make distance a concept of past generation woes, but alas, it doesn’t.

I am thankful for your calls and messages from back home, I’m thankful for the thought behind surprise delivered gifts, I’m thankful AY, for your little book of happiness, I’m thankful for encouragement from coaches to gym buddies and being able to push my body to new limits this year and it staying mainly injury-free. I’m thankful to learn that boys in any country, not just my friends, can sit and play cod/fifa for 3 hours straight, and I’m extremely thankful beyond words to have been present in my first Christmas here (it’s a present in itself), to have been welcome into warm homes and not having to had actually spend these nights alone. See, priceless things.

Merry Christmas world and happy birthday J-boy.